Monday, June 25, 2012

Song #25 Week #25 - 2012 Song A Week Challenge

Week #25 - "Alcohol" - A song about being on tour and drinking too much. Not that I've ever experienced that myself...

alcohol alcohol
got me so blind i can't see
alcohol alcohol
gonna be the death of me

three band bill on a tuesday night
no money in the till
we ain't puttin' up a fight
keep feeding us whiskey
feeding us beer
we'll get on stage when we're slated to appear
if the room starts spinnin'
we'll hold on tight
til the last man is standing at the end of the night

Another shot might
get you through the night
But your dreams are about as real
as your future is bright
we're gonna keep it real
til the sun puts us down
gonna make you feel something
might even put you on the ground

that rooster's crowin
it's the break of dawn
time to shake it off
time to get a move on
another 10 stops
before tour's end
if we don't die tryin
we'll be seeing you again

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