Monday, June 11, 2012

Song #23 Week #23 2012 Song A Week Challenge

I've got my best Bruce Springsteen impersonation for you this week. The song is called "A Highway Calling Us". The "calling us" shouts at the end are very Boss-like indeed.

Gary Barratt is a guest musician this week, provided the drum tracks. All done by sharing files on dropbox. Gotta love technology. Thanks Gary!

Geoff Chown's bass makes an appearance as well, for the 2nd time I believe. Still need to get Geoff to play on one of these. But, hey, I'm not even halfway finished yet.

you can call it what you want
but i don't want to fool myself anymore

you can look the other way
but there's nothing that can make it like it was before

as the dawn breaks before us and we don't want this to end
if we forget for one moment we can forget to pretend

there's a highway calling us
there's a highway calling us.

i know you got a guy
but he doesn't treat you like he should

you could give me a try
I know what its like to be misunderstood

you can punch that clock for 20 years or until it takes you down
Or you can pack your things and follow me out this two bit town

there's a highway calling us
there's a highway calling us

there's a highway calling us
and i don't know where it's gonna take us girl
all i got are the clothes on my back
I can't promise you the world

we've both taken our hits and seen our share of sorrow comin' down the line
If you've had enough of the bitterness, I'd say it's time to drink the wine

I'm gassin' up the car
one last chance for you to tell me no
Girl I know you're scared
but the world is ours, all we have to do is go

As the dawn breaks before us, honey, put your hand in mine.
now all we've got is each other, all we've got is time

there's a highway calling us X4

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