Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tour Report week # 4

The fourth and final week of the tour played out pretty much exactly like the song "Northern Ontario Highway". Wednesday night we were at The Standard in Winnipeg, joining Andrew Neville & The Poor Choices for their weekly foot-stompin', beer-swillin', good time. Steve Brockley was on the bill as well, and it made for a great night of music. Our best Winnipeg show ever actually.

Thursday, we were back in Wabigoon for an acoustic show. John landed his plane to check out a set, and I got to see my old friend Guy Galloway, so it was a lot of fun. The good news is that, even though John has sold the store, the new owner is very enthusiastic about keeping the music going. That means a lot of great entertainment stopping in for folks that live in the area.

Friday, we were back at the Apollo one more time for some of Sheila's famous veggie burgers. Saturday we were at Loplops, which turned out to be a great night. Thanks to Porter for opening, even though they'd already been playing all day ( a series of mini-sets for a fundraiser that was happening).

And Sunday, we were back at the townehouse. The band room may not have felt like the Four points Sheraton, but it has its own unique charm.

Great tour. Good times. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

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