Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tour report # 1

I am typing this on my iPod, while sitting in the back of the van, on our way through a rainy Saskatchewan day. The shows have been going well so far. Lots of nice folks, and some good performances. We've been switching back and forth between acoustic and electric sets, so it is keeping every night fresh( and keeping Chris on his toes).

Had a great time at our show last night at the club in Regina. Such a nice room to perform in. Big thanks to Rob and all the folks at Grass Roots Regina for setting up the show.

It was funny. Across the hall in the other venue(the exchange) JD Edwards was performing. We had never met in person, but have set up a show for June 9th in winnipeg at the Academy.

A neat coincidence, and an opportunity to introduce ourselves in "real life". I think that show is going to be a barn burner.

Looking forward to our weekend in Nanton. Always a great time...and a chance to do some laundry.

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