Friday, December 11, 2009

Evolution Of A Band - Post #2

Last weekend we had a major event in the life of our slowly-evolving band. We actually all played together in the same room for the first time. That may sound odd. But in this day-and-age of  internet technology, we've all been able to listen to tracks via email, and get to know the songs that way.

So it was interesting to have the opportunity to perform together last Saturday at Pete's house concert. The crowd seemed to like it. I think we all only played on one song (Calcutta), or maybe it was two ( We'll call the song "Get it Right" for now). Actually , come to think of it, we all played on Kevin's song (The Devil Goes Blind) as well, but I'm not sure if that song is part of this project or one of Kevin's other bands. Kevin, if you read this, maybe you could comment on that.

I gently nagged Geoff to get me some audio of that night, but at this point have not received it. I will post it on here if it turned out.

Getting back to the idea of the internet and not playing in the same room, I have some audio for you as an example. This song is called "Mere Mortals", and this is from a practice that Kevin & I had a couple of weeks back. Pete then added drums later.

"Mere Mortals" is also a prime example of a song that would not fit into the TST set list. It's a pretty dark, slow-moving tune. But this is what excites me about this project. It's a lot of fun flexing creative muscles in a different way.

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