Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evolution Of A Band

Or you might say “birth of a band” in this instance. I’m currently working on a project with Kevin Bowers ( Me Man Jack) on some new original material,that doesn’t quite fit in with what TST does. Kevin has brought some songs to the table as well. The plan is to make an album eventually.

The seed was planted from jamming together at The Mansion when Kevin was hosting the local musicians night there a couple of months ago. Plus, the close proximity of our houses has helped things get rolling.

I plan to do a series of blog posts that have to do with this project, in order to let folks in on our creative process, and allow you to witness the evolution of these songs, from beginning to final product.

This track is called “Calcutta”. It’s just Kevin & I on this one. We’ll have Pete Bowers, Geoff Chown, and perhaps others joining in on future tracks.

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