Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bob Dylan Concert

I have to say, Bob Dylan was certainly an inspiration last night ( played last night in Kingston). I hope to be rockin' out like that when I'm a senior citizen. The show ran for just under 2 hours, and featured Bob, mostly on keyboard, and a super-tight backing band.

I could see how some people might be disappointed with the show. His voice was unintelligible for the most part, and a good chunk of the show was material from his most recent releases.

But I think going in, you have to know he is going to be hard to understand. And as for the new material, it is some of his best in years. I was glad that Joey (TST drummer) played the new album ( Modern Times ) for us when were on tour down east. I recognized a lot of the songs. His live show is true to the album sound ( or vice versa) in it's chugging, bluesy fashion. Elements of Jazz in there too.

I think with Bob, and Neil, and others of their vintage, we are going to see rock musicians follow the example of the old blues players, like John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. Keep on touring until they drop dead.

I say keep it coming.


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