Monday, May 12, 2008

Learning to Blog

I'm new to this blog thing. So, it may take awhile to get the hang of typing stuff out for people to read at random. I've never kept a journal or anything. I'm more used to writing in a poem format ( writing songs).

What I want this blog to do, is to document the trials and tribulations of an indie band, putting out records, and touring in Canada. Triumphs as well we hope.

So, starting in about 10 days, we are headed off on our Canadian tour, to promote the new album and play 20+ shows. I'll be posting notes about our travels, and the shows we play,etc. Maybe the other guys will post their thoughts as well.

I think I'll bring along the camcorder as well. Add some video later.

I should mention the new album is available online @

Tom Savage

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